Quilt Visions Biennial 2004

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  • #15 Big Head Series The Kimono by Kristin Tweed
  • Another Member of My Family #11 by Sachiko Sasakura (Award)
  • Autumn Splendor by Nelda Warkentin
  • Bad News by Lori Lupe Pelish (Award)
  • Before A Gate by Emily Richardson (Award)
  • Between the Lines by Eileen Lauterborn
  • Blue Poppies by Noel Ruessmann
  • Cacti I by Nancy Cordry
  • Cipe: Burning by Martha Warshaw
  • Dream Quilt by Mitsue Ohno
  • Faded Memories V by Wendy Lugg
  • Fossil Bed #3 by Pamela Fitsimons
  • Fracture by Miriam Nathan-Roberts
  • Frequency by Bean Gilsdorf
  • Frost by Eva Aagesen
  • Iceline (Weave #4) by Margery Goodall
  • Intertwined by Carol Taylor
  • Journey by Brendy Norquay
  • Kente by Malka Dubrawsky
  • Melancholy by Bettina Andersen
  • Memorial by Melitta VanderBrooke
  • Nature in Oregon by Noriko Endo
  • Nenana Flats by Ree Nancarrow (Award)
  • Net 4 by Ruth Garrison
  • Nocturn by Diedre Adams
  • Northern Light by Leesa Zarinelli Gawlik
  • Porous Squares by Charlotte Bird (Award)
  • Santa Maria by Patti Shaw
  • Seaswept by Rebecca Barr
  • Sometimes We Are More Earnest Than Wise by Jane Einhorn
  • St. Q's Kitchen Shoes by Susan Shie
  • Stepping Out by Wendy Slotboom
  • Tapia #5 by Patricia Mink
  • The Language Police by Jette Clover
  • The Wall by Mi Sik Kim
  • Thirteen by Toot Reid
  • Through the Woods by Connie Scheele
  • To R.H. by Clare Plug
  • Tooth 1: Root Canals by Helene Davis
  • Tree Park by Linda MacDonald
  • Tunic of Tossing Leaves by Nancy Crasco (Award)
  • Twilight Rendevous by Inge Mardal & Steen Hougs
  • Water Ballet by Barbara McKie
  • Wave Topography by Dan Olfe
  • Weavings #12 by Marie Castle Wing
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Nocturn by Diedre Adams - 36 x 52 inches

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