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Current Exhibition

July 1—September 30, 2015Red Hot - Online Exhibiton

Current Exhibition

July 18—October 4, 2015Collectors’ Showcase

Current Exhibition

July 18—October 4, 2015Shaping Space - Work by Kate Stiassni

Current Exhibition

July 18—October 4, 2015Balboa Park Arches

Current Exhibition

July 18—October 4, 2015At the Beach - Visions Members’ Challenge

August 24, 2015Jolly Joe (inspired by a Joe Cunningham class) - Class with Gillian Moss

With a nod to Joe Cunningham, Gillian will show you how to develop a small art quilt by cutting and sewing, and adding interest strips into the mix. You will continue to cut and sew on the same piece, moving the pieces around all the while considering what design decisions you make and why - until you are happy with the result.

Call the museum to register, 619-546-4872.

Monday, August 24
10am - 4pm at Visions Art Museum
$70 per student

September 28, 2015Hand Stitches for Image and Texture - Class with Karen Cunagin

oin Karen Cunagin to learn how to embellish quilting techniques without a net. Both surface texture and embellishment can be created by employing hand stitches - and these treatments can be enhanced by a variety of thread goods. Learn how to use them for beauty and function.

Supply list: notebook; muslin in a hoop, embroidery needle and one skein of floss, scissors.

Call the museum to register, 619-546-4872

Monday, September 28
9:00 am - 12:00 pm at Visions Art Museum
$35 per student

October 17, 2015—January 3, 2016Interpretations: Celebrating 30 Years

Call for entries. For more information visit: visionsinterpretations.com

October 17, 2015—January 3, 2016Excavating for Meaning

Work by Viviana Lombrozo

October 17, 2015—January 3, 2016Hearing the Quiet: Walking the Creeks

Nature quilts by Linda Colsh.

October 17, 2015—January 3, 2016Curves - Visions Members’ Challenge

Deadline for entries 10/1/2015

10 inches high x 14 inches wide (horizontal orientation quilts)

Entry Requirements